August is a month when we have time in between events to go travel to destinations off the beaten tracks.

I joined forces with Camille Juban and Leon Jamaer to check out the South coast of Java in Indonesia.
Apart from Surfing every single day we found a dream spot, pure down the line waveriding with just us out in the water.

What an amazing trip. The travel story will be soon out in all magazines.
We will also produce a Video clip to be released in the next couple of weeks.
Stay tuned… Flo


German globetrotter, environmentalist, board tester, father and wave windsurfing pro Florian wins the wave event at the 2017 Summer Opening in Westerland, Sylt. He defeated Leon Jamaer in the final.

The 24 wave riders were more than happy to get one day with suitable conditions during the event period. 20 to 25 knots and waves up to 3 meters allowed nice jumps and a few wave rides in the tricky onshore conditions.

Dennis Müller, Flo Jung, Leon Jamaer and Max Droege made it into the top4. Leon defeated Dennis and Flo beat Max. Leon and Flo had a tough battle in the final and according to he organizers it was a close decision. In the end it was Flo Jung who won the event. Max Droege made it in third place defeating Dennis Müller in the losers final. Congratulations to the winners!!

Flo Jung: “I felt really good on the water here in Sylt and it definitely helps to come back from the heat and feel the support from my little family here on the beach. Sylt is always a challenging spot with light straight onshore winds and hardcore shore break and it’s always a gamble if you make it back out after each wave.


Check out the latest interview about the new eco boards on the german website: (only in german)

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Morocco is one of my favorite travel destinations, it’s close to europe and still feels really far away.

Traveling along the coast, you meet people along the way that have a magic energy around them and reward you with a warm smile and tales of random desert stories.

Plus, there are endless empty waves to ride all over the place.


Globe trotter and pro windsurfer Flo Jung gives in inside view about riding the big wave spot “peahi” and to adapt to the power of nature in the best possible way.

Produced by Burle production
Filmed by Mikael Linder (@intofireandwater), Pierre Bouras, Jace Panabianco
Music: forces of nature/ Dave Holland

For more infos check:
instagram: @flojungdotcom

Florian Jung is using the worlds first Eco Windsurf board made out of recycled and biodegradable material such as Balsa wood.

It is the fastest growing tree in the world, offering better mechanical properties than conventional boards. Produced in Thailand by board manufacturer “Starboard” with the goal to reduced the carbon footprint due to environmental friendly materials and by planting mangrove trees which absorb up to 1 ton of CO2 over the next 20 years.

” It is a great challenge to create more environmental products that work even better than conventional windsurf boards. We have to make a choice for a cleaner ocean and a healthier planet. For us surfers the ocean is good teacher and every wave comes with a lesson to adapt in the best possible way. As long as we treat everything around us with respect, we will see the beauty- otherwise we will feel the forces of nature first hand.”


The worldcup here in Gran Canaria ended with kind of average conditions. We didnt have a lot of waves but I am still content to finish Top 10 here for the first Tourstop of the year. Next stop is tenerife starting on the 1st of august. all the best Flo

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