In Search of simplicity and eco friendly travelling, I went on an surf adventure with bikes along the coast of Brittany. With Jules Denel and photographer Pierre Bouras I experienced a total new way of travelling.

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Just came back from morocco where I had an amazing time during the surf&action Learnival in Sidi Kaouki/Morocco… see you next year.

Happy to be the cover boy on the current german Surf Magazin… captured in Mauritius by Pierre Bouras.

Maybe it is because of el niño or they are other reasons but South africa delivered again. I am here for the annual photoshooting of RRD and we had wind and waves almost every day. Cape town is like my second home and in the past years I had so many good memories in the water around cape of good hope. Right now I am producing footage for my new film that should be out soon.



Always nice to see all the windsurf nerds once a year during the boot show in düsseldorf.

Just came back from an unbelieveable trip to Tasmania. Scored epic waves and and discovered a whole new world. Thanks everybody that made this trip so special…

Ich bin gerade zurück aus Tasmanien gekommen wo ich eine wahnsinns Zeit hatten. Ich habe neue Spots entdeckt und perfekte Wellen geschlitzt. Die Story findet ihr in den nächsten Surfmagazinen. Danke an alle Tassi Local, vorallem Stefan Frölich, der alle perfekt organisiert hat.


Jaws is always an intense experience.
After a  30 hours flight just straight from europe I arrived finally arrived in Maui. Some of the french guys like Thoma or Camille Juban told me that they want to go to Jaws and so it was a last minute decision to go.
Peahi breaks just a few days in a year and I wanted to use this special opportunity to ride this giant mountains of water. I felt prepared and fit in terms of fitness and holding my breath for a couple of mintues but everything was a bit unorganized. My accessory  bag didn’t show up, so I had to borrow some old fins and wetsuits that was way to small.
I didnt really have the time to organize a jetski, so I had to jump from the rocks. It wasn’t probably the best idea because I got stuck in the current and cut my legs on the sharp rocks while getting worked in this masthigh shorebreak. Finally a friend with the jetski helped me to make it to the point.
It was already late in the afternoon and the wind started to go down. Barely plaining I was able to catch a few waves, maybe not the biggest set waves  but even on the small waves you get a good amount of speed and adrenaline is rushing through your entire body. There is so much pure power, so much water moving and the sound of the breaking waves is simply electrifying.
The sun was about to go down and I sailed back the north shore to hookipa with the last bit of light. Tired and cramps all over my body I got washed i by a double masthigh wave. I derigged in the dark and went straight to bed. What a first day in Maui…!

Finally the season 2015 comes to an end.  The last event on the tour is the precious aloha classic on maui and the conditions where firing this year. Over masthigh waves and light winds made it really tricky out there. In the end I went out pretty early and was a bit bummed about that but as the event counted as a discard  I just went down one place in the ranking and finishing the season on 13th position in the world ranking. Could have been better but because of my Altantic Expedition earlier in the year I didn’t had that much time to train, so I quite satisfied with the result. Now I am taking a few weeks off and start preparing for next year.

All the best


Sometimes I complain about little things, like traveling with tons of gear or  living out of my suitcase for most of the year. But my job as a pro windsurfer has defineteley far more to offer . I am really thankful for this little surprises and moments when everything seem to  come together. While waiting for wind during the worldcup in  Sylt,  I saw a really good forecast in Mauritius and decided together with Gun Sails to realise the anunal photoshooting  just 24hours later.  Now I am  here on an island in the middle of the indian ocean which simply feels like heaven. We have been scoring some perfect waves and spend countless hours in the water. It’s probably one of the best places for windsurfing that I have ever seen.

Like every year, Cold hawaii delivered and we had conditions to do a single and double elimination.  I had some taff heats against Alessio Stillrich, Arthur Arutkin , Antoine Martin and finally lost in the 3rd round to Thoma Traversa. In the end I finished 13th with the change to make the top 10 in the next 2 Events.