It is kind of a tradition that i spent my octobers in maui. I am here for the annual Gun Sails Photo Shooting and to get ready for the upcoming Pwa Worldcup at the end of october. Maui is like my second home and it is good that nothing has changed.  Life is good in paradise…

Here the first few photos of the new sails, hope you like them.



At the last day of the competions in denmark, we finally got a proper strom coming through to finish a single elimination. In my heat against klaas Voget i had a bit bad luck with my wave selection and ended up 17th. congrats to “brazinwho” who won the event title.

After that, we went straight to sylt for the next worldtour stop. Even though we couldn’t get any official wave results because of a lack of wind and waves, I still had a good time meeting friends, sponsors and going arround the island with some bikes…

next stop will be Maui.

I am here in the north of denmark for the pwa worldcup in klitmoeller. We are staying here in a big house close to the ocean and the waves have been pretty good for surfing. So far we didnt have a lot of wind but the forecast still looks promising for the weekend…

cheers from the cold…

A heu! I just came back from an amazing boattrip in brasil.  Together with Kauli Seadi, I cruised along the coast in a 30ft. catarmaran  in search of new surf spot.  In the south of the city recife, we found a little lagune with a powerful wave at the outside reef, where we scored some bombs two times a day. I also made a lot of sailing experience that included a seasickness, crossing waters with tons of sharks and also got to know how to fix an engine. Definetely a good time to remember…

Just recieved a copy of the latest sport magazine with a photo from cape town on the cover.
Great photo from John Carter.

A week full of action is finally over. We had pretty challenging conditions here in tenerife and in the end I finished 13th.
I had some good heat and some bad heat but in the end I am satisfied with the result for the first worldcup after my injury.
Now i am looking forward for the next event in klitmoller.


I am here in Pozo to get ready for the first worldcup of the season.
After my injuries i have to qualify myself for the main contest and i hope we will get some good conditions.
Right now the forecast looks miserable but things can change pretty fast here.
Fingers crossed… updates will follow.

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