World Cup Rider Florian Jung offers 2 Wave Windsurf clinics in Denmark and Cape Town.

Locations and dates:
September 3-10, 2022 in Klitmøller/Denmark
November 19-30, 2022 in Cape Town/South Africa.

These two camps offer a training program developed in collaboration with experts in sports psychology and tailored precisely to the individual needs of the participants. The program includes a personalized training plan with specific goals to be implemented step by step including visualization methods. Direct feedback on the water is also part of the program.

Flo has also planned two camps for wingfoilers. The aim is to enable up-and-comers to achieve new learning successes in a controlled and professional environment. Training will take place in small groups with a maximum of 8 people. Prerequisite is a safe altitude walking.

These ‘Wing Camps’ will take place from 10-14 of September in Klitmoeller and from December 1-8, 2022 in Cape Town.

Florian Jung: “The concept of the clinics is not just about pure coaching on site, but I try to prepare the participants accordingly physically as well as mentally and to set long-term individual goals during the camp that ensure the greatest possible learning success over the next months and years. ”

For further information please email to info@florianjung.com.